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Autumn Term Curriculum Letter


We have had a great week in Birch. In English the children completed their Playscript hot write. I am so proud of all of them. The writing they have produced is some of the best the have done! Well done! In Maths, we have been finishing off our unit on fractions. The children enjoyed getting the apparatus out for Gymnastics this week. We have also been busy getting ready for our class Exhibition, including designing and decorating their own Iron Age Shields! The children are excited to showcase all of their fantastic learning! 






We have had another busy week in Birch. In Maths, children have continued learning about fractions. In English, we have explored an innovated version of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ to take inspiration for our own versions. In Science, we have learnt about reflection. We have worked particularly hard in Guided Reading paying attention to our inference skills. Most excitingly of all, we enjoyed our ‘Experience the Iron Age Workshop’. We enjoyed exploring real furs, armour and cauldrons and trained to become Iron Age Warriors!




We have had a lovely week in Birch. The children have worked really hard rewriting the classic fairy tale: Little Red Riding Hood. In Maths we have continued out fractions learning journey with some of us tackling quarters and others exploring equivalent fractions. Mr O’Neil has completed a unit on Angels in R.E. We enjoyed our first gymnastics session as a class. In one of our spelling sessions the children got to ‘graffiti’ on the tables with whiteboard pen, they found this particularly enjoyable! The highlight however, has been our Remembrance service at the church. The children did such a fantastic job. I am very proud! Have a lovely weekend.



We have had a wonderful and busy week in Birch. We have started a new unit of writing in English. We have become playscript writers. We have got to know the story of Little Red Riding Hood very well. The children have acted scenes out and explored the features of a playscript. In Maths we have been busy learning about fractions. We got to make our own fraction walls to support our learning. In Science, we have started a new unit of work: Light. We began by exploring sources of light and sorting objects based on them being either transparent, translucent or opaque. In Project we built our own Stonehenge models using clay. Well done Birch for all of your hard wo   




I would like say a massive well done to all of the children for getting through the first half term. They have all worked incredibly hard and deserve a rest over the break. In our final week we have explored poetry in English and identified devices and looked at the impact that can have in writing. In Maths, we have finished our addition and subtraction unit. We started learning about Stonehenge in Project and the mysteries surrounding the ancient monument! Well done Birch




It has been a fantastic week in Birch. All of the children have worked incredibly hard. On Tuesday, we enjoyed our final swimming session. The children have come such a long way with their skills in the water. Afterwards, we enjoyed a lovely trip up St Catherine’s Hill where the children completed a scavenger hunt and explored the ancient hill fort. We also made some furry friends! The children completed their hot write in English, I am so impressed with the result, well done to all of you. 





This week in Birch the children have been working hard on addition. Some children have been adding 2 4-digit numbers together and tackling some tricky problems. Others have been working hard on their number bonds knowledge. In English, we have explored adverbial and similes, all in preparation for our hot write. In Science, the children had an opportunity to act out the different ways rocks change on the Earth’s surface. The children had a lovely time creating their Harvest artwork. We had some lovely home grown vegetables to support our creations!




Birch have had another busy week. We have started our new English unit: narrative writing. We are basing our work on the book ‘The Stone Age Boy’. The children have been memorising the story using our story map to help us. In Maths, some children have been comparing numbers, while others have been rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. Our Project lesson this week took us to the Orkney Islands where we were researching Skara Brae and what early farm settlements looked like. All of the children are making huge progress in their swimming lessons, some managed to swim 75 meters! I hope you all have a lovely and restful weekend! 




It has been a really lovely week in Birch. The children have continued their work on place value and looking at numbers on a number line, finding more and less than an amount and comparing 4-digit numbers. The children have been helping one another with their learning; using lots of concrete resources to support this. They completed their hot writes in English and all edited their work with a peer at stations which each had a different focus. We made our own sedimentary rock in Science using grated chocolate, the children demonstrated their will power in this activity as most of the chocolate remained as part of the experiment. When we went swimming, some of the children managed to swim 25 meters confidently. I hope you all have a lovely and restful weekend!



This week the children have worked really hard in all subjects. We got creative in English and innovated our story, coming up with new scenes which they acted out. In Maths we have continued our work on place value, the children have had lots of problem solving opportunities and have looked at ordering large numbers. In Project this week we explored cave art and how it provides a window into the past. The children immersed themselves in a dark classroom and lay under tables to draw their own cave art scenes in charcoal!





Wow! What a fantastic first week back in school. I am so proud of all of this children and their efforts this week. The new year 3’s have settled in well to their new learning environment and the year 4’s have been wonderful helping them with this. They have worked extremely hard, their books are already filling up! In Maths, we have been doing lots of work on place value, understanding that each digit in a number has a value. In English, the children have got to know the story: ‘How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth’. They have done work on imperative verbs and prepositions to produce some lovely written work. In Science we have looked at how igneous rock is formed and how to classify intrusive and extrusive igneous rock. Our Project lesson took us to the church yard where we became hunter-gathers and looked out for assets as well as threats. Most excitingly of all, I discovered that all the children in Birch are part mermaid/merman! They all took to the water with ease when we went swimming and had a great time in water. Well done to you all, you deserve a rest this weekend!






What a year it’s been in Birch! The children have faced so many obstacles which have been out of their control and have still managed to achieve so much. I am extremely proud of each and every member of the class and want to thank them all for making my first year at Micheldever so magical. I hope you all have a lovely summer and a well deserved rest! Our highlight this week has undoubtedly been welcoming our grownups to our exhibition. This children loved showing off all of their wonderful work, it was a delight to see. We have explored the Olympics; ancient and modern, and enjoyed a trip to the church yard where we sketched some nature scenes. Again, thank you all for a wonderful year and have a lovely summer!







It has been so lovely to return to the classroom this week; I have really missed the children. The children have had a sport filled week enjoying sports day on Monday and Tokyo 360 on Tuesday. In maths, we have been exploring our multiplication and division fact families and have learnt some new vocabulary such as factors, product and prime numbers! In English, our time-slip scarab story continues. We have been looking at changing the portal objects to create our own versions. We have had a focus on the use of colons and semicolons in our writing. Most excitingly, we have started work on our ancient Egyptian deaths masks, I think they are going to look amazing once we have completed them! Have a lovely weekend in sunshine! 







Birch class have been showing the learning power of  'Resilient Ruby' this week, working hard to expand their vocabulary knowledge. They have been using a thesaurus to look for synonyms and then thinking carefully about which words they should use in their writing to make it more creative and ambitious. In Project this week we have been researching Egyptian Death masks and looking at their significance. During our Maths lessons, Birch have been solving word problems involving multiplication and division. Well done Birch class you should be very proud of all your hard work. 




This week the children in Birch class were very excited to share the information and experiences about their trip to Marwell Zoo on Tuesday. Their heads were full of interesting facts and they wrote some excellent recounts about their time at the Zoo. In school they have been working hard too - solving missing number problems in mathematics and writing stories independently in English. Yesterday they enjoyed their music lesson where they played the Samba using a combination of Russian instruments to create their own piece of music. Miss Day would like to personally thank all of  Birch class for making her first week back at Micheldever so enjoyable - you have been fantastic!




Birch have had a fantastic week. In Maths we have been revising column addition and subtraction, many have us have been solving problems with regrouping and exchanging. In English, we have been working hard to complete our newspaper reports. We have used a template on the laptops to achieve this. In Science, we were investigating the rate of transpiration using celery and food colouring. We concluded that the warmer the condition the faster the rate as we saw the fastest change in the warm condition. I will be off now for a couple of weeks, I wish all the children well and can’t wait to see them when I return




Birch have worked really hard this week. In maths we have been tackling addition and subtraction problems on a number line. We have been partitioning numbers (calling upon our place value knowledge) to break down our ‘jumps’. In English, we have been exploring the use of prepositions, we have focussed some out our writing around an image of Tutankhamun’s tomb filled with wonderful objects. We have also practiced our role playing skills to interview Howard Carter. In Science we have explored how plants cleverly transport water. Most excitingly of all, we have entered into a class sweepstake. The children have all pulled out teams for their 2020 draw! I wonder who the winner will be?





Birch have had a really busy week back at school. We have had the company of the Year 5 Willow children this week; it has been especially nice playing with them on the playground. In maths we have revisited place value, we have been reading and writing numbers and looking at different ways of partitioning. In English, we have been looking at the timeline of events surrounding the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb. In Science, we went on a pollinator hunt and to look for evidence of seed dispersal. This paved the way for an art lesson where we made our own visualisers. We examined images of pollinators and drew our favourite sections in ink. We then explored ink dispersal on the page. We had some beautiful results. Well done Birch and Willow Y5




We have had a very exciting week here in Birch. We have completed our non-chronological reports in English; focussing on Egyptian gods and goddesses. A group of us went on a school trip to St Mary’s Stadium to take part in a series of sports activities. In R.E were have been exploring how Hindus show their devotion to Krishna. Investigated a series of objects and dressed in colourful Hindu attire. I would like to say a massive well done to all of the children in Birch; you have all worked exceptionally this half term. I hope you all get a well deserved rest next week! 




Birch have had a week full of new learning. We have started investigating mass and capacity in maths. We have learnt how to read scales and work out intervals to accurately measure liquids. In English, we have started researching Egyptian gods and goddesses as part of a non-chronological report. In Science, we acted out the life-cycle of a plant; using our new scientific vocabulary to narrate each stage.




Birch have been very busy with all of their learning this week. The children have completed a hot write in English; I am so impressed with the level of work produced. The children should be exceptionally proud of their efforts! We have been exploring 2D and 3D shapes, using mathematical vocabulary to describe their properties based on angles and vertices. We have also investigated the difference between regular and irregular shapes. We have started learning about Egyptian god and goddesses; it is lovely to see how passionate the children are about this project. In Science, the children have enjoyed studying the life cycle of plants. We have seen some impression growth in our onions as part of our ongoing investigation.





Birch have had a brilliant week! We have been really busy across all subjects. We have been applying our knowledge of homophones in spellings, exploring symmetry in Maths and looking at examples in real life and in English we have been planning for our hot write next week; the children have worked really hard expanding their vocabulary. Most excitingly, in Project we have attempted to make our own version of papyrus paper and we have dissected tulips in Science! Ask the children if they can explain the parts and functions of a flower over the weekend




Birch have had a busy second week back at school. We have continued our work on angles, exploring acute, obtuse and right angles. Some of the children have gone on to use a protractor to accurately measure angles! In Science, we learnt all about the parts and functions of a plant. Some of our own plants have begun to sprout in our ongoing investigation! In project, we have been considering the geographical location of Egypt and explored the importance of the River Nile and cracked some hieroglyphic codes! I hope that you all have a lovely and restful bank holiday weekend!

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Birch class exhibition - Autumn Term 2020

Have a watch of our exhibition video below to see all the learning we have been doing this term.

A very warm Micheldever welcome to Miss Donohue-Waite.

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Fishbourne Roman Palace February 2020

Birch class were exemplary today at Fishbourne Roman Palace. I was very proud of them all!

We had such a fantastic day learning all about the 2000 year old remains of the Roman Palace and how the residents lived all those years ago.  The workshop session was particularly fun where all the children were dressed as slaves and had to try out a range of different activities. They experienced bridge building, making mosaics, grinding corn, writing on wax tablets, making a tile roof and making up games suitable for a Roman Prince and Princess.


We were amazed by the remains of all the mosaics and loved walking round them all. The museum was fascinating and we enjoyed looking at so many old artefacts.