School News


 Climbing Wall

Our climbing wall is now complete! Over the next few weeks, each class will be given the chance to have their first turn using it (parents you will have to wait!) and it will become a permanent feature of our green zone on the playground. Again a big thank you to all who have contributed towards sports equipment for the school in recent months and making this possible for our children. There was an audible gasp when we first told them about it last week and it will be hugely beneficial for developing our core strength and gross motor skills.


Our school council trying out the new climbing wall—we approve!


Science Week

British Science Week coincided with our first week back at school following the national school closures. It gave our pupils a wonderful opportunity to work in teams and groups to collaborate and to rebuild relationships after a long time apart. Across the school, we centred on the theme of innovating and children were encouraged to dream of their own ideas and creations. Children in Willow class had the challenge of designing and creating a boat that could carry the most amount of weight before sinking. In Birch, children had to create an insulator to prevent ice from melting. Pine class have been creating straw rockets whilst Oak has discovered the wonderful effects of chromatography! It has resulted in an excellent first week with everyone back.



World Book Day

World book day this year took place on Thursday 4th March, which for a number of our pupils was the penultimate day of home learning. Over the course of the week, we celebrated books by all becoming authors and writing our very own one. We were particularly impressed with the dedication to their stories shown by children in Willow class, who produced some fantastic piece of work. On World Book Day itself, everyone took part in a 'dress up' day. Children in school and at home joined together in a special assembly to share their costumes that they had put together. Key Stage 2 encouraged us this year to use what we had around the house, rather than buying more clothes, whish was driven by their project on the impact of fast fashion and global warming. We had some incredible costumes and it was wonderful to see all children, wherever they may be, participate so keenly.


Hampshire Music Service Resources


Keep Calm and Make Music in KS1 and KS2

Hampshire Music Service have produced some resources that can be used at home, called Keep calm and make music in KS1 and KS2. These are available to download by clicking on the relevant year group for your child.

Year 1-2: Walking The Dog

Year 3-4: In The Hall of the Mountain King (‘Grieg’ sound file available here)

Year 5-6: Music of the Planets (‘Holst’ sound file available here).  Paint is needed for one of the activities, but this could be substituted for other art materials you may have at home.

World Book Day

On Thursday 5th March, Micheldever Primary School had a fun packed day of activities linked to World book day! These included dressing up as a character from a Roald Dahl book and bringing in your favourite book to share with other members of our worship families! Also, each class were given a fun task to complete such as, drawing and designing your own invention for Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory and writing a poem based on Roald Dahl’s “Dirty Beasts” poems. We rounded off the exciting day with a special assembly in which a member of each class came up to the front to share their work. At home time there was a book sale were if you were lucky inside your book there would be a golden ticket giving you the opportunity to choose five free books of your choice.


On Wednesday 26th February we had Skip2Bfit come into school. We were so happy to have them come! They spent some time with each class showing us how to skip and then we skipped for 2 minutes to see how many skips we could do then we did it again and tried to beat our score, if we beat our score we were a chicken nugget and if we got less we were a chicken dipper. At the end of the day we had a competition with best scoring student against best scoring adult.

Issy in Year 6 said “it’s fun and it’s a good way to exercise, I find myself skipping everyday”.

Max Year R – I like how the skipping ropes count!

African Activities

Here are some of our year 5/6 accounts of our African activities Morning.

I think that the African Activities was really fun as we got to learn new African songs and hear stories Qame told us about what it was like in Africa, I think it was an awesome experience and I would definitely recommend it.

The African experience was enormous fun and has contributed hugely to my understanding of the continent’s culture. The music was particularly interesting as many of us were playing different rhythms. All in all, I thought the morning was hugely beneficial.

On Friday we had a really nice man come in to teach us some funky moves; deafening drumming; tell us some true tales and other cool stuff! It was so fun! We even had a band (us), the instruments were so fun and I loved banging to the beat. My favourite part was definitely doing our own thing with rattles!

Fire Service Visit

On Wednesday 5th of Feb, as well as beautiful Japanese Fan dancing, Willow and Pine had a visit from the Fire Service Kids Team. We talked about fire hazards in our houses and how we can prevent them from catching fire and what to do if they do. Written by Year 6 pupil

Japanese Fan Dancing

On Wednesday we had a really nice lady come into teach some fan dancing to the school. It was so fun! We had beautiful fans to dance with and go with the slow moves. My favourite part was definitely when we got to act out the story of the sun god. By Year 6 pupil

Christmas festivities

This week has been full of festive fun and cheer with  our winning house enjoying movies and popcorn on Monday. Tuesday parents were invited to our class exhibitions and in the afternoon the whole school went to the Panto at the theatre Royal in Winchester...Oh yes they did!

Wednesday everybody came to school wearing their Christmas jumpers and the children did their Christmas shopping aided by the PFA elves! We all enjoyed a lovely Christmas lunch followed by an afternoon of hot chocolate and stories with Santa who came to join us  bringing gifts! 

On Thursday we all enjoyed our Christmas service at St Marys the virgin where parents attended.

We wish you all a very happy Christmas and a peaceful new year. 

Green Ambassadors

Our new Green Ambassadors, have already held two meetings and have generated lots of ideas for ways in which the school can become more green. This  term they are reinforcing all the work that was undertaken last year on recycling within school. New signs are being made for our recycling bins and they will be reminding all the classes via presentations and games, what can and cannot be recycled.

Relax Kids

During the Autumn Term, each class will be taking part in a six week 'Relax Kids' program which teaches the children relaxation techniques through yoga and mindfulness. When questioned on how they felt after a session, some of our children said it made them feel relaxed, calm, peaceful and warm.


On Friday 20 September everyone took part in the Fit4kids workshops. Paul told us about sugar and the food traffic light system. Paul told us that not only sugar can hurt our bodies but fats and salt too. For example Walkers Ready Salted crisps are green for sugar however they are red for fat as they have 8.0g of fat which is bad for you. So we learned that crisps are ok as a treat but shouldn't be eaten too often. We also looked at lots of other foods and said if we thought they were healthy or not. We thought the Oat Granola bars were healthy but actually they have lots of sugar from the honey. 

Paul also talked to us about how important it is to be fit & healthy. First off we did a warm up which was jogging on the spot. Then he showed us lots of different exercises such as squats, lunges, air cycling and lots more fun activities! At the end we did star jumps to cool down. It's important to warm up so that you don't pull any muscles and the cool down helps your body recover from the exercises. 

It was really fun and now we know more about being fit and healthy. 

By a Year 3 pupil