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This week has flown by in Pine Class! In English, we read the book The Dragon Machine and will be basing our learning around this text for the last few week. We created some beautiful story maps to help us learn the story. In Maths, the children have absolutely blown me away with their place value knowledge and use of number facts this week. In the afternoons, we have begun sewing our mythical creature puppets and we have had to be very resilient! I can't want to see how the completed puppets turn out. Great work Pine Class!



Pine have been working hard as they continue to learn about measure—they have been weighing, filling and using rulers to showcase their work today. In English, the children have been writing their explanations texts on their mythical creatures as well as trying to learn some dragon poetry off by heart! The have been designing their own hand puppets in preparation for making them next week. Well done Pine.



In Maths this week, we have been exploring measure. We have had a lot of fun taking part in practical activities through which we have measured length, height, capacity and mass. In Science, we have been learning about the importance of exercise and what happens to our body when we exercise. We took part in lots of different exercises to find out if they made our hearts beat faster. We have really enjoyed the sunny weather, particularly having story times in the sun. Great work Pine Class!






This week has flown by in Pine Class! In English, we have invented our own mythical creatures. We thought about what they would look like, where they might live and what they might need to survive. Next week we will write instructions on how to look after them. In Maths, we have been learning to tell the time. It has been hard work but the children have worked incredibly hard and it has been lovely to see them gaining in confidence as the week has progressed. Well done Pine Class!



What I brilliant first half of the summer term we have had in Pine Class! This week, we wrote instructions for looking after a dragon egg and then created our own class creature, the Pinosaur! The Pinosaur is part pine tree and part dinosaur. It drinks from a swimming pool, sleeps in a leafy cave and washes in a car wash! We have had lots of fun preparing for our jubilee celebrations and learning about the Queen and the Royal Family. Well done Pine Class. I wish you all a safe and happy half term.



20.05.2022We have really enjoyed our project learning in Pine Class this week. In Science, we have been learning about life cycles. We focused on the life cycles of humans, ducks and butterflies and compared them to each other. We then drew our own life cycles and wrote about each stage in our books. In Art, we have been sketching. Last week we went outside to look at different textures. This week, we looked at images of dragons. We focused on small sections of each image and used sketching to recreate the patterns and textures we saw.




We have had a very exciting week in Pine Class! We finally received a letter back from Professor Fry, the egg expert from the Ministry for the Identification of Eggs. Professor Fry confirmed that our egg is a dragon egg! He told us to keep the area around the egg  clear and that we must not touch the egg, otherwise the dragon's magic could be lost. We have been writing newspaper articles to put up around the school to share this exciting news! 




It's been a busy four days in Pine Class! We have been writing letters to Professor Fry the egg expert to ask him questions about the strange egg that appeared in our classroom over the Easter holidays. In Science this week, we have continued our learning about animals and their offspring and classifying animals into groups. In Maths we have consolidated our knowledge of known number facts this week and used this knowledge to solve a range of problems. Well done Pine Class!



In Pine Class this week, we came in to find something rather strange! Over the Easter holidays, a giant, golden egg had appeared in our classroom. Nobody knew what sort of egg it was or how it got there. Mr Ashbolt put special danger tape around the egg to make sure somebody touched it, just in case! We wrote newspaper reports about the mystery egg. We have decided to write a letter to egg expert Professor Fry to try to find out what sort if egg it is and what we should do! What an exciting week it has been!




What a brilliant last week we have had in Pine Class! In Maths this week, we have been taking part in practical activities to measure mass, capacity and temperature. Some of us have also practiced reading scales! We have been learning about the Easter story through our RE work and the children wrote some brilliant newspaper articles about Jesus rising from the dead. We thoroughly enjoyed our cricket session this week, even if it was a little windy! What a fantastic half term fun of fun and learning we have had. Well done Pine Class! I wish you all a wonderful Easter holiday and look forward to seeing you all when we return. 





We have had a brilliant week in Pine Class! The children have been working very hard writing their own non-fiction books about the Great Fire of London to share with their parents at our exhibition this Friday. In Maths, we have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes and sorting them according to their properties. In Art, we have been studying Tudor houses. This week, we drew a row of Tudor houses. We then created an orange background using paint and collage and stuck the houses in front to make them look like they were on fire! Great work Pine Class! 



In Pine Class this week, we have been learning about fractions. We have been finding fractions of shapes and fractions of numbers by sharing cubes. We have continued our learning about the Great Fire of London and we have used a range of sources to find out more information. We worked in groups to create a map to show how London should be rebuilt after the fire. On Thursday, we had a visit from a firefighter. She taught us a rhyme about keeping ourselves safe from fire and showed us some of her equipment. Great work Pine Class! 





In Pine Class this week, we have continued our learning about the Great Fire of London. We wrote letters to King Charles to ask him to help stop the fire. We made model houses and recreated the way the fire moved along the streets of London to help us understand why it spread so quickly. In Maths, we have been using arrays to multiply and divide and some of us have even began to apply this knowledge to problem solving. Well done Pine Class. It has been a great wee                 


This week we have been learning about The Great Fire of London and we used different sources of information to find out about the fire. We have learnt that the fire spread so quickly because the houses were made of wood, the streets were narrow and there wasn't must firefighting equipment at the time! In English, we wrote warning posters to warn people about the approaching fire. Well done Pine Class, it's been a really fun week! 



wow! what a week we have had in Pine Class! On Tuesday we had the most amazing day in London. We met at Micheldever Station and took the train to Waterloo. We went on the Thames River Cruise and saw lots of the landmarks we have been learning about. In the afternoon, we went on the London eye and had the most fantastic time! It was so magical to see the awe and wonder on the children's faces and I couldn't be prouder of the way they managed the whole trip. A huge well done Pine Class! 






We have had a wonderful week in Pine Class. The children have been writing stories based on the book Katie in London and I have been blown away by the quality of their writing! We thoroughly enjoyed our music lesson this week in which we learnt about rhythm and pitch. In art, we have continued to study Vincent Van Gogh and this week we recreated one of his famous sunflower paintings using wax crayons and paint. It has been a very busy half term and Pine Class have worked incredibly hard. Well done and have a brilliant break! 





This week in Pine Class, we have continued our learning based around the book Katie in London. The year 1 children wrote a postcard from the perspective of Katie and the year 2 children wrote a diary entry. Each day we have been taking part in problem solving challenges to improve our number fluency and we have really enjoyed having a go at the independently as morning tasks. On Wednesday, we visited the church yard to look for evergreen trees and deciduous trees as part of our Science learning. We had a great time !




It's been another busy week in Pine Class! This week, we have started our new English unit based around the book Katie in London. We have been learning about and celebrating Chinese New Year and we even tasted some Chinese food. This week, we also learned that we will be going on a school trip to London and going on the London Eye and Thames River Cruise. We are very excited! Another great week. Well done Pine Class. 



I have arrived back in Pine Class this week after completing my jury service and have been incredibly proud of how well the children have managed the change and the fantastic work they have produced whilst I have been away. This week in English, we have written our own stories about a lost object and its journey around the school. In Maths, we have been increasing our knowledge of strategies to add. Through our Science work, we have been learning about garden plants and designing some beautiful gardens of our own.




Pine have shown great determination and resilience in their learning this week, demonstrating the schools learning values perfectly. In our English unit on the Queen's Hat the children are confidently using prepositions and have written their own brilliant stories based on the text. In maths we have been using money in different combinations to create the same totals. We have had a wonderful walk looking for wild plants and hope you can have a look around your gardens and in hedgerows this weekend, as you take a walk together to see what you can find.



- In Pine Class this week, we have been learning to tell the time at o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to. We have thoroughly enjoyed playing time bingo! We have also been learning about different units of measure. In English, we have been writing persuasive adverts to persuade people to visit London by telling them all about what a great city it is. In Science this week, we planted bean in the classroom. We will continue to water them and record how much they grow throughout this half term. A fantastic week - well done Pine Class! I will miss you all very much over the next two weeks but can't wait to hear about all the brilliant learning you have done when I return.







I have been amazed by how brilliantly Pine Class have settled back into school this week. I have been blown away by the high standard of their writing this week and look forward to our English units this half term. We have started our new project this week, learning all about London. We have had so much fun learning about famous London landmarks and we enjoyed using our DT skills to build 3D models of some of them. A great few days back!



What a fantastic term we have had in Pine Class! This week we have had lots of fun learning about the true meaning of Christmas. We made advents wreaths and discussed the meanings of the candles. In English, we finished our Christmas poetry and in Maths, we made pictograms to show the most and least favourite Christmas foods in our class! All the children in Pine Class have worked incredibly hard this term and I really couldn't be prouder of them. Have a brilliant, restful break Pine Class and I look forward to seeing you all in the new year! 



In Pine Class this week, we have been extremely preparing and performing our nativity. Getting onto a stage in front of an audience is no mean feat and we are very proud of how all the children spoke, sang and performed so confidently. In English this week, we have started our new unit of work based on the poem 'What is pink?' in which we will be writing our own Christmas poems. The children have been coming up with some brilliant adjectives to describe the Christmas scene and I can't wait to see their finished poems! 



This week, we came to school very excited on Monday because it had snowed! We had a great time playing outside in the snow and we even attempted to build a class snowman. On Wednesday this week, we came into school to find an elf in our classroom! His name is Eric and he has some to see all the brilliant work we do in Pine Class. We have been very busy continuing to practise our nativity and this week we had our first full run through. It was fantastic! 






We have had another very busy week in Pine Class! We have continued our learning around the book ‘Dear Greenpeace’ and on Thursday, we did some fantastic writing about it! We have continued our learning about saving our planet and in particular, the problems caused by plastic. The children were very sad to learn that so much plastic ends up in our oceans and were keen to help save the sea creatures who are harmed by it! Another great week Pine Class!




In Pine Class this week, we wrote out information pages all about Micheldever. The children have worked so incredibly hard and are very proud of the work they produced. In Maths, we have been working on 2D shape and I have been blown away by the children's reasoning skills! We have been busy learning all the songs for out nativity and have started learning our lines too. What a fantastic week Pine Class!





In Pine Class we have had another very busy week! We have been writing our information pages about Micheldever and learning about fractions in Maths. This week, we created poppies using recycled bottles. We covered them with tissue paper and added leaves and a stem. Well done Pine Class!




In Pine Class this week, we have been learning about different materials and how some materials are better for the environment that others. We discussed the importance of recycling and how this helps to save the planet. In English, we have been mind mapping everything we know about our local area. We acted as tour guides and took each other on a 'tour' around Micheldever in the classroom. Another great week Pine Class!



In pine Class this week, we have been writing information pages about The Bahamas. The children have produced some fantastic work! We have also been learning to count in 2s and 10s and apply this to our 2 and 10 times tables. Pine Class have worked incredibly hard this half turn and I am very proud of every one of them. Well done Pine Class!




The children in Pine Class have worked incredibly hard this week! We have continued our work about Christopher Columbus and we have been learning about The Bahamas where he landed with his crew. In Science, we have been learning about how germs spread and how we can keep ourselves safe from germs! Well done Pine Class,




In Pine Class this week, we have enjoyed taking part in Sponsored Reading Week, particularly reading our poems to the Class on Monday and reading in our worship families on Wednesday. In Science this week, we have been learning about what happens to our bodies when we exercise. We went onto the playground and did lots of running and jumping which made us feel very tired and thirsty!




In Pine Class this week, we have been working hard to improve our spelling by taking part in lots of sensory spelling activities. We wrote our spellings in shaving foam, on large paper with coloured pens, we made them using magnetic letters and we even cut out the letters to make each word and stick them on a long strip of paper. It was a very fun way to learn them! Another great week - well done Pine Class! 




We have had an exciting week in Pine class this week. We started the week off by making sea biscuits. They were very salty and we didn't like the taste! We thought about how awful it must have been not to have any fresh food onboard the ship. We then wrote instructions for making sea biscuits. We have had a wonderful week and have produced some fantastic writing!





In Pine Class we have had a fantastic week! In Maths, we have been learning about the place value of 2-digit numbers. In Guided Reading, we have been reading The Lion Inside and we have really enjoyed joining in with the story. In one lesson, we made story maps to show the sequence of events. We have continued to learn about Christopher Columbus and look forward to learning more about him next week!




This week, Pine Class found a poster asking for explorers to join the crew of the Sant Maria. We thought about good qualities we have and wrote letters to Christopher Columbus to explain why we would make excellent explorers! Well done Pine class for such a wonderful start to the year—you have all settled so well and have such a wonderful attitude towards your learning. Keep it up.




Another big well done to Pine! This has not been an easy week, switching back to online learning, but once again the children have done so with resilience and focus. We are all very proud of you Pine! It was wonderful welcoming parents to our exhibition this week and having the chance to show off all the brilliant work Pine have done this term. What a lovely way to end the term! At home, the children have been writing exciting meerkat stories and finding shapes in nature. Pine have really shown their best this week! Have a wonderful summer break, it is definitely well deserved!



We’ve had a lovely week in Pine this week. The class had a wonderful time visiting The Watercress Line, riding the steam train to Alton and back! We learnt about the history of the line and how it changed life in Ropley, as well as exploring the locomotive yard for different materials. Pine also had fun competing in Sports Day, despite the weather! The class have also been learning about the Tokyo Olympics this week and have worked hard to study and design the Olympic rin  




This week in Pine the children have been writing a story based on the ‘Book of Butterflies,’ they have worked hard to use descriptive language and create innovations based on this. We have been learning about the rainforest and desert habitats and have found out some amazing facts about the organisms that live in both places! The children have also started to learn about the Tokyo Olympics and have created their own dances based on the London 2012 opening ceremony.





What an exciting week Pine have had! We had a lovely time visiting Marwell zoo and seeing all the wonderful animals that live there and have spent the rest of the week writing a recount of our time there. In Maths, Pine have continued to explore shape. We have drawn lots of 2D shapes and have used rulers to make sure our drawings are accurate. Pine have also made microphones and have practised interviewing each other in preparation for the Ellis Journey Celebrations on Saturday where some of us will be interviewing the key figures there. 



In Maths, Pine have begun to look at describing the properties of 3D shapes. The class investigated towers made of various combinations of 3D shape to find out which was the most secure. Pine have now completed writing their Newspaper report on the Ellis Journey. The children put lots of thought and hard work into this writing and should be very proud of themselves! Next Saturday is the celebration commemorating the Ellis journey where the children will have the chance to interview some key figures and see a range of vintage cars so it would be wonderful to see you all there!  






Pine have continued to hone their reporting this week as we have planned out our newspaper report all about the Ellis journey and are very excited about our writing competition! In maths, Pine have been using a variety of resources to help them solve problems and have begun to solve more complex calculations. We have been looking at food chains in Science and found lots of evidence of different food chains in our outdoor learning zone. Well done for working so hard this week Pine!



This week we’ve been News Reporters in Pine class! We’ve explored lots of different news articles and have found out about what makes an exciting headline and an interesting news story. The class have interviewed the key suspect in the story of Little Red Riding Hood and discovered a different side to the well known story. Pine have also delved back into the archives of music from the post-war period. We’ve explored the different devices our Grandparents listened to music on and have spent time learning some of their favourite songs. 




This week in Pine we have transformed into costume designers! After receiving a call from Mr Incredible asking for our help, the children have design and made brand new masks for him to wear! The children have given lots of thought into what features and functions he will need in a mask to protect him and aid him in fighting crime! The children have also started to look at how we edit and improve our writing and have done a great job up levelling their sentences.




This week in Pine, we’ve been learning how to write great sentences using the conjunctions ‘and’ and ‘but’. The children have thought of a variety of ways to use these and have worked hard to up-level their sentences with adjectives. In Maths, Pine have been thinking about number bonds and have been investigating all the different ways of making 10 and 100. Pine have also started an exciting new project in DT, we’ve been asked by Mr Incredible to help make a new superhero mask for him!




This week in Pine, the class have been thinking about how they can put kindness into action to share God’s love with those around them. The children have been creating handprints to show how they can use their hands to be kind to others. In Geography, we had a very exciting walk around the school to spot the physical and human features of Micheldever. The class have also begun thinking about our text ‘The Storm Whale,’ and have used their skills of prediction and inference to discuss some key points in the story. 


Pine have been tackling fractions this week and have been thinking about how they are shared into equal parts. The class have also begun writing their under the sea stories and have been super resourceful, using tools around the classroom to help them with their writing. Pine have also been back on the computers this week, learning how to login using their username and password. The children used their resilience during this lesson as we found it quite tricky!


This week in Pine Class we have been generating super expanded noun phrases for our descriptive setting description of under the sea. The children have been using centimetres and metres to measure length in Maths and have solve tricky problems using this unit of measure. One Wednesday, we had a very special virtual guest talk to us about what it is like to be a TV Producer and the class thought up great interview questions to ask him. 


Summer Term Curriculum Letter

Spring curriculum letter


Pine class exhibition - Autumn Term 2020

Have a watch of our exhibition video below to see all the learning we have been doing this term.

First Week Back

Pine Class have had a wonderful first week back to school! The children have had a fantastic time getting to know each other and beginning our topic 'Into the Woods'! The class have had opportunities to study trees and natural objects in our outdoor learning area, using them to create numbers in Maths and as inspiration for our Artwork. 

On Friday, the class investigated a variety of beans, comparing size, colour, texture and smell to decide which bean to feed our hungry teddy 'Freddy' for lunch! 

Well done Pine Class on a really successful week back!

Letter from Class Teacher

Autumn Term Curriculum

A very warm Micheldever welcome to Miss Canning.

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