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Autumn 2022 Term Curriculum Letter


 Pine have been focussed on their emerging butterflies this week. We have sat with wonderment as the butterflies came out of the cocoons. We nursed them in the class for three days then set them free in the woodland. This was a lovely experience. We have designed our own monster this week to write a story with. In maths we have explored 3D shapes. We have also investigated and discussed whether something is living, non living or was once a living thing. We have read our books to each other, and even enjoyed a story written in America in 1941!



Pine have been watching the dragon egg this week as it has begun to hatch. We can see small blue(we believe) dragonlets. We have also begun thinking about year 3 and what we are looking forward to doing. We have been interviewing sharks, Orcas and a Narwal in Literacy. In maths we have been embedding our doubling and halving skills. In geography we continued to look at maps, whilst in Jigsaw we played the guess who game with our baby pictures.



We have continued to work hard in class particularly our Year One children who have been focussing and practicing for their phonics check next week. We have begun listening to Carnival of the Animals as part of our music learning. We looked at mapping with Mrs Talt on Wednesday afternoon- creating maps of our class and the playground. We have looked at D-Day remembrance and reflected on our learning by designing medals.. We looked at Nancy’s grandma ‘s brothers wartime uniforms and pictures. We are so thankful for the trust placed in us with such precious artefacts. Freddie brought in some very old pictures of Micheldever- they made us really think… Once again if you or anyone you know has any maps of Micheldever that we could borrow, we would be so grateful.


Quite a busy week in Pine as the break approaches. The class have been working hard on writing expanded noun phrases in English to make our dragon descriptions more exiting and appealing. Maths has seen us doing our" maths puzzle" books and celebrating our good learning . In RE we have been learning about The Torah, and thinking about the stories it has in it. We enjoyed our PE lesson with Mr O'Neill yesterday as well as the Drama workshop. Yesterday our Artwork was put on display at Micheldever Station in the waiting room between both lines. We are looking forward to the half term break readying us for our next half term learning where our Dragons will lead us into looking at history in Micheldever. Once again if you have any old pictures, maps, stories etc. we'd love to see them and borrow them if possible. As a Class and team, Pine would like to say a great big thankyou to Mr O'Neill for his patience, love and hard work that he has given to us. We wish him lots of luck in the future.



Pine have been busy looking after their dragonlets this week. They have written some instructions to show how to care for their dragons. They have also written to friends describing their dragons and what they get up to. In these letters they have talked about diet- QUITE A CONCERN that several of them like the odd toasted MR Jarman Burger or a Bushell Fritter! In math we have been jumping around the hundred square and look forward next week to doing problems beyond 100. We have continued to look at special books in RE, and have loved listening and trying to retell some very well known Bible stories. In PE we have been practicing our throwing skills- unfortunately rain stopped play and we had to adapt to throwing skills in the hall. We have all enjoyed our reading this week and are certainly pleased with the progress we are making. We are looking forward to next week and planning to continue our dragon work, and begin to look at history through Micheldever... If you have any old maps or photographs we can borrow, we would love them...



We had an amazing day of learning yesterday. We received a letter from the Laboratory in Dragonshire, Devon, informing us that Dragons had been positivley identified here in Micheldever. There had been geolocated evidence of baby dragons in the woodland area. Our first task was to locate a dragon that had been left in a dragon purse for each of us, then we had to create a habitat for it to grow as a fledgling dragon. We made dragon soup and dragon bread which we enjoyed eating after we had been on a dragon hunt on the playing field. We heard a dragon story called "Dragon  Stew". We also had a visit from a real life living and breathing Doctor who taught us about how plants drink- we watched our flowers slowly change colour over the day! We are now ready for a restful weekend to recharge in time for more Dragon work next week. Pine Class would like to say a big thankyou to Bella's Mum for her hard work getting us plants and compost. We would also like to thank Lily's Mum for her teaching hard work yesterday. Big thankyous from Mr.J to Mrs.B and Mrs J for their hard work yesterday.




Thunder, lightning, smoke, and even solid evidence of dragons has been found this week in Pine Class. Only on Wednesday Night was the class visited by a beast we believe to be a dragon! It left foot prints and the start of a nest of some sort. We have written to a dragonologist to try to seek more information. In maths we have been looking at movement and position of shapes as well as giving instructions of where to move etc. We have begun to look at some events in Jesus' life. We are going to use purple mash to continue our work on movement and direction.



This week has seen our inquisitive minds really begin to develop. We have been surveying our own environment and have had sightings of Dragon footprints, cracks in our gardens and one child is certain they have spotted the endangered dragon species in their garden! We have completed our maths unit on multiplication and division for the moment but intend to revisit again. We have been visited by our friends at the NFER to trial another reading paper- Judith said she was very happy with our help and thanked all our children for their patience and willingness to help. We have continued with our Picasso work, and have planted our potatoes ready for potato Salad in the last week of term. Excitement is building, signs are being seen- something is happening- what? We don't know! Where? We don't know but there are clear signs and much anticipation.



Welcome back to Pine Class. Our holidays seemed to be very long. We are very watchful of Dragons- we have been informed of breaking news in Louisville that there have been sightings of Dragons! We are suspicious of our classroom that appears to have two broken dragon wings on our walls. The children have reported during the day seeing shadows, smelling smoke, and finding footprints and cracks in the pavement. Yesterday we found evidence of two dragon nests but no eggs! We are watching closely. In maths we have been doing multiplication and are now quite good at our 2's, 5's and 10 x tables. Today we have been working for the Government particularly in year 2- we have been guinea pigs - we have tried a future reading test to help them! In science we were amazed to learn about pollination and germination. We were visited by both the Bella Bee and the Maddox Bee who showed us how the pollen is spread. We’ve also begun to plan a very magical day after May Bank Holiday- all will become clear shortly. 



Pine Class have had a very inspirational and exciting week this week. We finally got to visit London. Here is a recount written by the whole class.


When we got to the station, it was raining. We were all very excited to go to London on the train. We did not realise how noisy or how fast the trains would be until we were deafened by a superfast train going by us. Mr Jarman did the register and we put on our bright yellow jackets. Mr Jarman also put each of us a luminous wristband with a number on for if we got lost. We then walked under the railway to get to the platform. The rain got heavier and it was a bit cold. At 9.02 the train stopped in the station. We followed Mr. Johnston and Birch class to the train. Before we knew it, the train set off. Mr. Jarman got us to sit in First Class. The Guard was really kind as he told us we could travel to London in that carriage- what a treat! He also kept pointing out things to look at including the swimming pool in the sky. When we got close to London we were excited to see The Shard, The Gerkin, The Houses of Parliament and The London Eye. When the train stopped at Waterloo we waited for a little bit then all got off in our groups. We held hands and walked out of the station, waving to Birch Class and down the steps towards the road. Mr Jarman and Mr ONeill led us across the crossing towards the steps leading to the Southbank Centre. We went up the steps then down a ramp. We talked about what we could see as we walked. When we got to the bottom of the ramp, we could see the River Thames, Parliament and The London Eye- The wheel was ginormous! We were all excited. We walked quickly to the boat. When we got there it had gone- we were upset that we had missed it. Mr Jarman and Mrs Humphries went and sorted another boat journey- this gave us time to have snacks and play with the pigeons. London was busy! The time came for us to get on the boat so we walked on a bridge thing that took us there. We waited ten minutes and the boat came. We were the first group there so got seats up on deck. The man told us lots of funny stories and we saw lots of places and things. He best bit was Tower Bridge- It is huge. We loved the boat ride, and told the guide lots of things that we already knew about London- he was impressed… We were so good- no one was sick!

After  a while the boat was back at the London Eye. We quickly went back up the ramp and was shown to the front of the queue to begin our flight. We were all treated by grownups as we had our bags checked. Mr Jarman and Mr O’Neill had to be checked with a magic stick! ( Arlo said that they looked like naughty people so were being checked!).

On the Eye we began moving and went higher and higher until we got to the top. We saw The Kings cars going to Buckingham Palace, and watched his flag begin to fly. Suddenly The Eye stopped and a lady said “ We are sorry that your rotation has been interrupted due to a technical difficulty!” We thought this was funny- Mr Jarman turned grey! Then the Eye began to move backwards! Mr Jarman and the other adults began to look at their watches and seemed worried- We had a train to catch very soon.

As if by magic the Eye stopped again and began to move the right way! Mr Jarman began to smile again! At the bottom we all got out and began to walk (QUICKLY!) to the station- we beat Birch Class. A kind Guard let us all through the barrier and we were allowed to get on the train first. We took over a whole carriage! Our journey back was so much quieter than going- in fact some of us fell a sleep!

Ava said that this had been “ the best day ever!”- Mr Jarman said it had been an amazing visit and wanted to do it all again! We shared some pictures at exhibition. We also spoke about some of the landmarks. Why not get your phones out and scan the QR Codes…




Pine have been preparing for our visit to London. We have also spent science week looking at Materials around us. We have continued to build London and have been doing lots of maths around mass and capacity .





Pine have been busy looking at information books this week in order to prepare for our QR code tour of London. We have been doubling, multiplying by 5, 3 and 10. We have learned about Vincent Van Gogh, and got very busy writing stories for world book day. We are now on countdown to London- Its like NASA counting down to lift off. The class was taken over by many characters and words- Tadpoles, Unicorns, space, knights and wizards- Pine has been a land of pure imagination



Pine Class has been the centre of London in 1666 this week. We have met and become Will the baker's son. We have written our diaries of what happened. We have been learning about shape and symmetry. We have learned Easter songs and been preparing for our London Dance. We have begun our DT project to build London in school as well as looking at materials. We have enjoyed the whole week and are getting very excited about our London visit.




Pine have been flexing their maths muscles this week. We have been learning how to halve, quarter and third numbers. We have even looked at halving odd numbers!. Can I say very many thanks and congratulations on the half term projects! The results are outstanding! We have spoke about them lots and are planning to use some of them in our Dance lessons. Our next challenge next week is to build some buildings so that they are as tall as me. We have been inspired by the drawings done by Stephen Wiltshire and have begun "Sunflower" art work in the style of Vincent Van Gough.

A busy but very pleasing week back.



Pine enjoyed having parents in to talk about our London visit. We are all very excited about what we are going to do. We have finished our information leaflets about London. We have enjoyed touring the school and sharing our good work- Mr Jarman could not believe it was all our own work. We have been working on finding difference in maths. We loved Mr. Jarman's sweet shop! We have learned about Buckingham Palace, and had a virtual tour around it. We are looking forward to a short break from learning next week, ready to continue our learning. Mr Jarman has set us a task for the holiday- can we make a famous building in London? Its up to us what we use, but we will build a mini- London in our class. Please make sure you read, read and read even more over the break....



This week we have begun learning about The Great Fire of London. We were amazed to find out that the fire lasted for four days, and that there were only 6 people who sadly lost their lives. We sat as groups and wrote questions that we are going to try to find the answers of. We have been to JESCOS a new shop owned by a very strange person. We have bought sweets from them and counted the money needed to buy them. We have shopped for lots of things and became human cash registers- sorting prices etc. We have continued our work on Passover and watched a small clip from the cartoon the Prince of Egypt to contextualise why the Israelites had to flee from Egypt. In PE we have been in the Jungle again dancing like animals from the Jungle and beginning to use the mood the music creates to move to. In English we are writing about Mr. Johnston and the six unnamed classes! We've finished our first portraits.  A busy week- and a need to recharge our batteries ready for next week.



"Mr Jarman, why has this week been so long?", I was asked by one of Pine class today. It is a measure of how hard we have been learning this week. We have been looking at Passover as part of our RE learning, been drawing our portraits ( we really enjoyed that). Mr Jarman has gone counting stick crazy! Its been used in nearly all our maths lessons this week to help us count and recognise number patterns. We've been crossing the River with the animals and Jade Emperor in English. We are also starting to get excited about the prospects of visiting London itself! You should be getting a letter very soon! Please can you continue to hear your child read regularly, and continue to practice number formation as well as letter formation- having just got back from 1492, we seem to have forgotten which way round some of them are written- I'll send home some crib sheets to help.



Welcome back! We hope you have had a wonderful Christmas Time, and are looking forward to our ventures this term. We have begun looking at The United Kingdom and have located the capital cities of the nations that make up The UK. In Maths we have been flexing our place value muscles- for some of us it felt like a two hour work out at the gym! Not to worry give us a week and we'll be chomping at the bit! We have begun listening to stories about The Chinese New Year, and have whispered the words London Visit to the class- We are currently trying to pull this together so that we can go visit our Capital City and experience first hand what makes London such a great Place. Can Myself, Mrs Bushell, Mr O'Neil and Mrs Jarrad thank you for your lovely Christmas gifts we really appreciated your kind thoughts, words and gifts.


What a lovely week we have had in Pine Class. It was wonderful to see the children perform in the Nativity. They sang with gusto and were word perfect with their lines. They enjoyed their visit to the Pantomime- each have a favourite character. They cheered the hero prince, and booed the step sisters- all good fun was had. We’ve been Christmas Shopping, and shopped until we nearly dropped.  We had a surprise visit from Santa. We are now looking forward to a reflective Service in Church, then the final countdown to the beginning of the holiday season. From the staff and Children in Pine Class can we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and send blessings for The New Year ahead.



Our Elf arrived and has been carefully watching our class. He has set us daily targets of what he is looking for us doing. We’ve been asked to show kindness, hardworking, reciprocity, and good listening. He does not seem to have been mischievous (YET!) Our Court was called last week when we had a jury of over 20 people. They heard the case of Christopher Columbus who was charged with Mischief Making- a charge that could have landed him with quite a hefty sentence. Both prosecution and defence presented their arguments. The jury retired and deliberated the evidence given. In a shock verdict ( Children were amazed!) the jury found him “NOT Guilty”, so he was released back to continue his exploration and discoveries. We have written to Santa this week- hopefully he will have few surprises as he finalises his sleigh.. We have been singing and polishing our acting skills ready for The Nativity on Monday. The Classroom is looking nice and festive, and the excitement is starting to build!  We are counting every day how many sleeps to the end of term as well as how many days until Christmas..



Pine have been polishing off their Columbus work. Columbus is in prison charged with ‘ Misery making’- will he be found guilty or not guilty. The jury will decide! Everyone has been very busy getting ready for our class exhibition and rehearsing for our nativity performance


Pine Class had a big shock this week when they received a letter from Mr Christopher Columbus himself telling the class that he was stranded on an Island and had very limited food supplies. He asked them to think about how he might survive, then asked them to plan him a balanced diet using the few rations he had. We have been learning how to add money this week. We have written some poems in English and have visited the story of Baboushka as we explore further "Journeys" and why we take them.. We are looking forward to trying to write our own versions of the story. Next week is a big week for the class as we change the room into a Courtroom- we are told Columbus is going on trial for being described as a "Misery Maker"! Our job will be to act as defence and prosecution! Our singing continues as does our line learning- if your child has a speaking part can we ask that they keep practicing their lines over, and over, and over and over again!




Pine Class have been busy writing poems this week about Winter. We have been using our detective skills to find rhyming words to make couplets. We have also all been playing detectives at sorting halves and quarters of shapes. We have been looking at Journies as part of our RE learning. We have looked at journies people make and also thought harder about Columbus' journey. We continue to learn our songs for the Nativity. We have also found out our parts... Its not long to go....


This week as been busy and very productive. Having realised that we are stuck in the Bahamas for a while, we have thought about how we celebrate special events. We spoke about our birthdays, Easter, Weddings and Christmas to name a few significant events. We spoke about how Jewish people celebrate Sukkot.  In maths this week we have been developing our doubling and halving muscles as well as trying to solve a few word problems. In Science we have been considering what there is on the Island to eat as a healthy meal. We have been singing some of our Nativity songs- hindered appropriately by Mr. Jarman ( He's tone deaf but we don't tell him!). PE saw us developing our team skills and continuing our work on the Island to follow instructions and directions so that when we get in the woodland and are blindfolded by the natives we can safely get through it. 



Pine Class have finished the half term taking part in some rest and relaxation - we all had a Yoga lesson! The children loved seeing Mr Jarman tie himself in knots as he tried to get the poses. We have been learning to tell the time, and have been immersed in our new favourite story Snow White and the Seven Aliens. We have looked at the names and locations of the Oceans in the World. We’ve extended our knowledge of celebrations especially the Jewish celebration of Sukkot. Columbus continues to explore the Bahamas and he has decided to leave us here as he travels back to Europe with the goods we have discovered. We hear the weather back home is wet, windy and cold! It’s the opposite here-32 degrees in the shade but no real places to rest and relax- Columbus really knows what he is doing!



This week we landed at The Bahamas. We have met the native people and the chief.  Who didn't speak like us or look like us. The natives all had spears and they got us a blue pig to eat! We have been writing letters home from the Bahamas, we have been doing addition and subtraction using a hundred square and number lines. It has been a very busy week.





Pine Class have enjoyed preparing for Harvest Festival this week. A big well Done to them all- the reading was incredible and our actors amazing! We have landed on the Bahamas at last! We have made coconut Macaroons, been involved in writing letters of complaint and using our mental skills of addition. We have been doing defending and attack in PE and have begun looking at Columbus' sailing log... What a lovely way to end this week by visiting Church!





Pine class have been busy writing instructions for the Ship’s cook. We began by looking at our pictures of biscuit making. We have drafted, edited and improved our writing then today we’re successful in a final copy of instructions- we included time  connectives which will make Columbus very happy. We have investigated using mathematics the surgeon’s hypothesis that big feet are matched with a large head circumference. We have completed our ship health passport and will use this not only for this voyage but also throughout the year as we track how we change. We have been inspired by Georgia O’Keefe to produce fruits from The Bahamas pictures. We have started to log the chronology of Columbus’ life.. 






Pine Class have been invaded by rats this week. They've eaten all bar a few provisions on the ship. The Quartermaster was not happy- neither are the crew when they realised they had to make the flour, sugar and butter last until Christmas. They solved this problem by baking biscuits! We have been solving number problems, and learning what a good instruction looks like. All in all a very busy week in 1492!





This week Pine Class have begun their voyage across the seas West towards Asia- We have written rules to follow on board the ship and have been out and about in the village looking similarities and differences between here and The Bahamas ( The land that Columbus found when he headed West). We have thought about significant celebrations. We have begun our Harvest preparation. In maths we have been exercising our addition muscles. Thankyou for the wonderful photographs you have sent in. Next week there may be an emergency onboard the ship... We hear Scurvey is about!






It has been a very busy week in Pine Class. We have been taken back to 1492, a time before some continents and foods had been discovered. The ship is ready to Captained by Christopher Columbus. He has had us applying for jobs on his ship, counting and calculating super quick. We have begun to look at our Science work. Can you help us please by sending in a picture of your child as a baby, and a more recent photograph to continue our discussion on changes. Next week we are hoping to go on a walk around Micheldever so that we can begin to compare the Bahamas with Micheldever.




It has been a busy week in Pine. We've been doing lots of computing and learned about coding; in maths we've been looking at sequences where we have drawn our own dominoes; and in English we wrote letters to our new teachers about what we are looking forward to the most for next year. Well done Pine for a great week!



In Pine Class this week, we have been finishing off our little project about our family members. We had lots of fun placing all of our family members on a time line as a class. We have also continued our transition work, adding to our folders ready to bring home for the summer. What a fantastic last week and a wonderful year it has been in Pine Class. Throughout my last week with them this year, I have reflected on all their outstanding achievements both individually and as a class and I really couldn't be prouder of them all! Thank you, children, for your efforts this year - you have all worked incredibly hard! Thank you to all of you for your kindness and empathy throughout my pregnancy and a special thank you so the children who have helped me to get back up from the carpet on more than one occasion over recent weeks! Enjoy the last two weeks of term and a very well-deserved break when it arrives! 




In Pine Class this week, we have been writing our information pages about our family members and we even draw portraits of them in our Art lesson. Through our History work, we have continued to learn about timelines but this time, we have placed objects from recent History on them. We have been doing a lot of transition work to prepare us for next year, including circle times where we have the opportunity to ask questions and talk about any worries we may have. We will continue to do this until the end of term.





The week has flown by in Pine Class! We have had the most wonderful time sharing the homework that the children completed about an interesting member of their families and I would like to thank you all for your support with this. The children have been busy preparing to write information pages about their chosen family member, ready to display at exhibition. The children have absolutely blown me away with their fantastic Maths work this week. Some have been working on their understanding of the place value of 2-digit numbers and some have been learning a new method for addition and subtraction. Through our project work this week, we have been learning about time lines and the children created some wonderful timelines of their own lives. Well done Pine Class.



What a wonderful week we have had in Pine Class! On Tuesday, the children visited Marwell Zoo. It was a very hot day so everyone had to wear sun cream and a sun hat. The children saw a huge variety of animals and had a fantastic time! Whilst at the zoo, the children recorded their animal documentaries as part of our Pine Class TV project. We can't wait to show then to you at exhibition! It has been brilliant to read the amazing homework that the children have produced about a member of their family. Next week, we will begin writing a fact file about our family member and creating portraits ready for our class gallery. Well done Pine!





We have had a great first week back in Pine Class. We have been learning about different animals and their habitats as well as the reasons some animals can become endangered. We watched some clips from David Attenborough documentaries and have been preparing our own documentary scrips about animals we might see at the zoo. During the trip, we will be recording our documentaries with the animals! In Maths, we have been learning about money. We have been using coins to make different amounts and solving a range of money problems. 




This week in Pine Class, we were very sad to say goodbye to Mrs Cobb as she returned to her class at Barton Stacey. We completed our non-chronological reports about animals and added amazing facts and pictures. The end result was fantastic! In Maths this week, we have been learning about measure, taking part in lots of practical activities. We particularly enjoyed using measuring equipment to measure the length and height of objects on the playground and using cups to measure the capacity of different containers. Over the last few weeks, we have been learning about the artist Richard Stone, the youngest ever royal portrait artist. This week we had a go at drawing our own self-portraits. We studied our faces really carefully using mirrors and sketched out the shapes on the paper. The end result was fantastic! It has been a brilliant half term in Pine Class and I wish you all a safe and happy half term.




We've had a good week in Pine this week. The children have been busy writing non-chronological reports about an animal of their choice. We have written questions as sub-headings to structure our work. In Maths, we have had lots of fun learning about fractions of shapes and numbers. In the afternoons, we have been learning about different creatures using the book Where in the Wild. We have also been learning about the weather in the UK and we even wrote and performed our own weather forecasts!






It has been a wonderful week in Pine Class. We started the week by watching video clips of the coronation of King Charles and Queen Camilla. We compared it to the coronation of Queen Elizabeth listing what was the same and what was different. Through our English work, we have been writing scripts for news programmes about the coronation. We have continued our Science work about bees. We went on a walk around school to assess the suitability of the school grounds as a habitat for bees. We rated the school environment out of 10 and then thought about ways we could make the school site more bee friendly. Another great week - well done Pine Class!




We have packed a lot into a short week in Pine Class this week! We have been busy finishing off our Bee and Me stories and we have been working on our multiplication and division skill in Maths. On Wednesday, we were very lucky to have a visit from Mr Treacy, a parent from Barton Stacey School who works for a BBC news programme. Mr Treacy showed us videos of his colleagues working behind the scenes at the BBC and showed us a news segment he had filmed and put together and how he produced it. He showed us some footage of his daughter and taught us about how editing the footage can make it appear completely different. By using music, special effects and clever editing, he made the same piece of footage appear mysterious, funny and a bit scary! He then set up his camera for us to experience what it's like to be a news reporter. We had a brilliant time! We have also been busy preparing for our coronation celebration on Friday and are very much looking forward to it.






It has been another busy week in Pine Class. We kicked off our project work by looking at televisions from throughout time and the children were very amused by the size and shape of many of them! We used our Historical knowledge to order the TVs from the oldest to the newest, discussing our ideas as we went. Through our English this week, we have started to create our own stories based on Bee and Me. We created our own animal characters and used adjectives to describe them. We then used this to write the openings to our own stories. In Maths, we have continued applying our known addition and subtraction facts to solve problems and increase our fluency. We went over to the field for PE again this week but sadly the weather was not so nice and we got very soggy! However, we all had fun and came back to school smiling. 




We have had an excellent first week back in Pine Class. Through our English work, we have been learning about the story of Bee and Me. The story is about a little girl and a bee who make friends and plant wild flowers around the city. We have been busy getting to know the story and practising telling it out loud. We made the most of the beautiful weather this week and went over to the playing field in the village for our PE lesson. We practised moving in different ways including running, skipping, walking, running with high knees and side stepping. We are looking forward to getting stuck into out project work early next week. 



What a fantastic week we have had in Pine Class to end a brilliant term. The children thoroughly enjoyed getting to share their learning with their grown ups at our class exhibition and particularly enjoyed tasting their chocolate! This week has been focused on the Easter Story. We have used our Talk for Writing strategies to learn the East Story by heart. We then used our class story map to write the story. The children produced some beautiful writing as a result! In Maths, we have been learning about position and direction and the children enjoyed making spinners to support with this. Through our RE work this week, we have focused on the happy and sad parts of the Easter story and why all parts are equally important to Christians. The children produced some lovely artwork to reflect this work. Thank you Pine Class for all your hard work this term. I wish you a safe and happy Easter break with your families. 




We have had a very exciting week in Pine Class! We have been busy recording the adverts for our chocolate bars. The children were very brave reading out their scripts and we can't wait to share them at our class exhibition! The children were very excited to finally get to make their chocolate bars this week. We wrapped them in foil and then we made paper wrappers to wrap them in. On Wednesday this week, we were treated to a fantastic performance by the children who attend recorder club. We were very impressed with how much progress they have made since their last performance!





In Pine this week, we have started learning to write instructions for making our chocolate bars. We have focused on using time connectives to structure our work and using -ly adverbs to add detail. We are looking forward to making our chocolate bars ready for exhibition next week! In Maths, we have been learning new strategies for addition and subtraction and building our fluency. Through our Worship this week, we have been thinking about way we can show respect to people. We have also been preparing for Mother's Day and sharing why our Mums are so special to us. It has been a great week and Pine Class have worked very hard.





In Pine Class this week, we have been busy writing scripts for TV adverts for our chocolate bars. Next week, we will film our adverts ready to show our adults at our class exhibition! We have been working on addition in Maths and Mrs Gray has been blown away by our hard work and determination. We enjoyed taking part in a Science investigation this week in which we tested different materials to see which would keep a snowball from melting for the longest. In PE this week, we have been learning to attack and defend through a group beanbag game that was lots of fun!



In Pine Class this week, we have begun working on advertising to sell the chocolate bars we designed. We watched a Marks and Spencer food advert and worked in groups to come up with adjectives and noun phrases to describe one of the foods. We then had a competition in which each group had to convince the rest of the class that their food was the most delicious! We had lots of fun. We have continued our pop art unit, drawing outlines of our favourite chocolate bars ready to turn into pop art. Through our class worship this week, we have been noticing our similarities and differences and talking about the importance of respecting each other's views. 





We have had a busy last week of the half term in Pine Class. We have been busy finishing off our work in out spy journals ready to return to the spy agency at the end of the week. In Maths, we have been working on multiplication and division and have even started to apply our new knowledge to problem solving activities. We took part in Safer Internet Day earlier in the week. We read a story about a penguin who kept getting himself into trouble online and the children were able to give him some excellent advice about what he should have done! We talked about safe adults who we are always able to talk to if we so something scary or that makes us feel uncomfortable online. It has been the most fantastic half term and the children should be very proud of all that they have achieved. I wish you all a safe and enjoyable break!






In Pine Class this week, we received another letter from the spy agency! Our latest mission is to keep a journal on the different rooms inside the chocolate factory. We have had a great time working on it! Through our Science work this week, we designed and carried out an investigation to test the strength of different sweets. We counted the number of times we could twist each sweet before it snapped and then recorded our results in a table. We even got to enjoy a few of the broken sweeties too! Great work Pine Class, you have worked really hard this week.     




This week we have been busy writing character descriptions about characters from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. In Maths, we have been learning about fractions of shapes. We had a very exciting PE lesson this week in which we got to perform the shapes we have been learning in gymnastics on the large apparatus. We had a great time climbing the ladders and swinging around on the ropes! A super week, well done Pine!






This week has flown by in Pine Class! We have been busy translating our spy letters into code, ready to be sent back to the spy agency. We have thoroughly enjoyed reading the next part of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, particularly the part where Charlie found a golden ticket. Through out Maths this week, we have been learning about time and the children would benefit from continuing to practise telling the time at home. We have also begun learning about the history of Cadburys chocolate and how chocolate is made. The 4th golden ticket has also been found this week!





In Pine Class this week, we have been very busy working on our secret spy mission. We have been gathering information about Mr Willy Wonka to send back to the spy agency. Three of our six golden tickets have been found this week by Eli, Bella and Anastasia! The children have all been very eager to change their reading books and to continue to look for golden tickets which has created a wonderful buzz in the classroom each morning. Through our Science work this week, we learnt about the properties of materials and had fun carrying out some mini investigations. It has been a lovely week!



We have had a very exciting first week back in Pine Class! We have started our new project about chocolate and begun reading the story of Charlie and the Chocolate factory. Then out of the blue, Mr Johnston received a strange email that was all in code. We worked together to crack the code and the email was from a spy agency, asking us to help them collect information about Willy Wonka and report back to them. We asked Mr Johnston if we could do this instead of our usual English and he said yes! We are all very excited to be working for the spy agency and can't wait to get started with our mission. 





This half term has absolutely flown by in Pine Class and what a brilliant half term it has been! This week we have been very busy finishing our stories based on the book Stanley's Stick. Through our RE work we have learnt about Hanukkah and the Christian Christmas story. We have been busy making Christmas cards and lots of Christmas decorations. We have spent some time reflecting on our favourite parts of this term which has been lovely. Thank you for all your hard work Pine Class! I wish you all a safe and very merry Christmas. 


In Pine Class this week, Eric the elf has returned to keep an eye on us and report back to Santa. Mrs Gray was very shocked to find herself on the naughty list but has been working hard to spread a bit more Christmas cheer and redeem herself! We had the dress rehearsal of our nativity A Little Bird Told Me on Wednesday which went very well. They children have done an amazing job of learning their lines and were very good and remembering when it was their turn to speak. It has been a lovely week. Well done Pine Class.


In Pine Class this week, we have continued to work on our strategies for addition and subtraction and have begun relating these to problem solving questions. Through our class worship we have been exploring ourselves, others and the world as well as asking and answering questions such as 'Why are humans here?' and 'What happens when we die?' The children have given these questions a great deal of thought and come up with some fantastic, thoughtful answers. In Music this week, we have worked as a class to create a jungle themed call and response Samba drum piece using objects from around the classroom that we have recorded to share with parents at our exhibition. It has been a lovely week! 






This week in Pine Class, we finished off our information pages about woodland animals and started our next English unit based on the book Stanley's Stick. The children have really enjoyed getting to know the story so far through story mapping and beginning to learn it off by heart. Our Maths this week has been focused on addition and the children have blown me away with how much they have remembered! In PE, we have been busy creating jungle themed dances and learning to count alongside our movements to stay in time with each other. 





In Pine Class this week we have been busy writing our information pages about woodland creatures. In Maths, some of us have been learning to find half and quarters of shapes while others have been learning about the properties of 2D shapes. As part of anti bullying week this week, we have been learning to define what bullying is and learning about what to do if we think somebody is being bullied. We created posters to show who we can reach out to for help.


In Pine Class this week, we have been learning about the Amazon Rainforest. We have located the Amazon in Brazil, South America and marked it on a map. We have been learning about the different layers of plants in the rainforest and created our own paper versions of it. The children are looking forward to adding the animals next week! With only a few weeks to go until the Christmas holidays, we have begun learning the songs in preparation for the Christmas play. Through our Maths work, we have been learning to use cubes to share and make equal groups. Great work Pine.





It's been a busy first week back in Pine Class. Through our English work, we have started to prepare for writing an information page about a woodland creature. We have been learning about hedgehogs and writing sentences about them. In Maths, we have been practising counting in 2s, 5s and 10s ready to use this knowledge for problem solving. Through out project work, we have begun learning about Brazil and will continue this work in the coming weeks. 


We have had a brilliant week in Pine Class. On Monday, we went on our school trip to Beaulieu Treehouse Centre. We had a fantastic time taking part in activities such as bug hunting, creating natural art, learning about camouflage, pretending to be bees collecting nectar and playing the mole game. The children thoroughly enjoyed the trip and have produced some fantastic writing as a result! It has been a super half term in Pine Class and it has been wonderful to see how much progress the children have made already. Have a safe and restful half term. 








In Pine Class this week, we have been busy writing stories and character descriptions about our own leaf characters, based on the story Leaf Man. In Art, we have been learning about Andy Goldsworthy and had a wonderful time in the church yard creating some natural art work of our own. In Maths, we have been focusing on money. We have particularly enjoyed playing coin bingo which has supported our recognition of coins. A great week Pine Class - Well done!







We have had a great week in Pine Class. We have welcomed some new children to our class and it has been lovely getting to know them. Through our class worships, we have been thinking about ways in which we can ensure everybody feels welcome in our class. In Maths, we have secured our understanding of using number lines to add and subtract. Through our RE work we have been focusing on the concept of special food and particularly enjoyed re-enacting The Last Supper with our own bread and wine (cranberry juice) to taste. 





In Pine Class this week, we have been reading the story of Leaf Man. We story mapped and rehearsed saying the story together using our Leaf Man stick puppets. In our Science lesson, we went for a walk to the church yard and collected different leaves. We brought them back to the classroom and looked at similarities and differences between them. We ordered our leaves from tallest to shortest, widest to narrowest and sorted them by colour. 





It's been a great week in Pine Class. Through our Science work, we have studied the trees outside our classroom and observed them as the leaves have started to turn brown. In Geography, we have been learning about the continents of the world. We were each given a paper passport and went on a treasure hunt around the school. We found envelopes containing photos of common food and animals from each continent as well as the flag of one of the countries. We stuck the photos in our passport. It was great fun!





It has been an exciting week in Pine Class as we received another mysterious letter! This time, it was Jack from the story of Jack and the Beanstalk saying that he had seen Little Red Riding Hood. He said she was rude and grumpy, which didn't sound like Little Red Riding Hood at all! We started to debate whether or not we could trust Jack. In Science this week, we have been learning about the seasons. We went out and about around the school looking for signs of autumn. It has been a wonderful week and the children are beginning to settle really well. Well done Pine Class.





What a fantastic first week we have had in Pine Class! The children were very excited to receive a letter from Little Red Riding Hood's mother to explain that Little Red Riding Hood is missing! We have been searching high and low for her and preparing to write missing posters. We have begun our project work by searching for trees around the school grounds. The children have settled very well into Pine Class and made a great start to the year. I can't wait to see what they can achieve as the year progresses. 




What a wonderful last full week we have had in Pine Class! The children have been working hard to get everything ready for exhibition. We created clay models of our mythical creatures and wrote stories about them based on the story of The Dragon Machine. We have had the most fantastic year in Pine Class and I have been blown away by what the children have achieved. Thank you, children for your continued hard work and enthusiasm. I wish you all a safe and enjoyable summer holiday when we get there!






In Pine Class this week, we have continued our learning about the story of The Dragon Machine. We used our story maps to learn and write out the story. I took us a few lessons but all our hard work paid off because of stories are fantastic! Most of our afternoons have been spent sewing our puppets, which we have really enjoyed. We can't wait to show them off at our class exhibition next week!




This week has flown by in Pine Class! In English, we read the book The Dragon Machine and will be basing our learning around this text for the last few week. We created some beautiful story maps to help us learn the story. In Maths, the children have absolutely blown me away with their place value knowledge and use of number facts this week. In the afternoons, we have begun sewing our mythical creature puppets and we have had to be very resilient! I can't want to see how the completed puppets turn out. Great work Pine Class!



Pine have been working hard as they continue to learn about measure—they have been weighing, filling and using rulers to showcase their work today. In English, the children have been writing their explanations texts on their mythical creatures as well as trying to learn some dragon poetry off by heart! The have been designing their own hand puppets in preparation for making them next week. Well done Pine.



In Maths this week, we have been exploring measure. We have had a lot of fun taking part in practical activities through which we have measured length, height, capacity and mass. In Science, we have been learning about the importance of exercise and what happens to our body when we exercise. We took part in lots of different exercises to find out if they made our hearts beat faster. We have really enjoyed the sunny weather, particularly having story times in the sun. Great work Pine Class!






This week has flown by in Pine Class! In English, we have invented our own mythical creatures. We thought about what they would look like, where they might live and what they might need to survive. Next week we will write instructions on how to look after them. In Maths, we have been learning to tell the time. It has been hard work but the children have worked incredibly hard and it has been lovely to see them gaining in confidence as the week has progressed. Well done Pine Class!



What I brilliant first half of the summer term we have had in Pine Class! This week, we wrote instructions for looking after a dragon egg and then created our own class creature, the Pinosaur! The Pinosaur is part pine tree and part dinosaur. It drinks from a swimming pool, sleeps in a leafy cave and washes in a car wash! We have had lots of fun preparing for our jubilee celebrations and learning about the Queen and the Royal Family. Well done Pine Class. I wish you all a safe and happy half term.



20.05.2022We have really enjoyed our project learning in Pine Class this week. In Science, we have been learning about life cycles. We focused on the life cycles of humans, ducks and butterflies and compared them to each other. We then drew our own life cycles and wrote about each stage in our books. In Art, we have been sketching. Last week we went outside to look at different textures. This week, we looked at images of dragons. We focused on small sections of each image and used sketching to recreate the patterns and textures we saw.




We have had a very exciting week in Pine Class! We finally received a letter back from Professor Fry, the egg expert from the Ministry for the Identification of Eggs. Professor Fry confirmed that our egg is a dragon egg! He told us to keep the area around the egg  clear and that we must not touch the egg, otherwise the dragon's magic could be lost. We have been writing newspaper articles to put up around the school to share this exciting news! 




It's been a busy four days in Pine Class! We have been writing letters to Professor Fry the egg expert to ask him questions about the strange egg that appeared in our classroom over the Easter holidays. In Science this week, we have continued our learning about animals and their offspring and classifying animals into groups. In Maths we have consolidated our knowledge of known number facts this week and used this knowledge to solve a range of problems. Well done Pine Class!



In Pine Class this week, we came in to find something rather strange! Over the Easter holidays, a giant, golden egg had appeared in our classroom. Nobody knew what sort of egg it was or how it got there. Mr Ashbolt put special danger tape around the egg to make sure somebody touched it, just in case! We wrote newspaper reports about the mystery egg. We have decided to write a letter to egg expert Professor Fry to try to find out what sort if egg it is and what we should do! What an exciting week it has been!




What a brilliant last week we have had in Pine Class! In Maths this week, we have been taking part in practical activities to measure mass, capacity and temperature. Some of us have also practiced reading scales! We have been learning about the Easter story through our RE work and the children wrote some brilliant newspaper articles about Jesus rising from the dead. We thoroughly enjoyed our cricket session this week, even if it was a little windy! What a fantastic half term fun of fun and learning we have had. Well done Pine Class! I wish you all a wonderful Easter holiday and look forward to seeing you all when we return. 





We have had a brilliant week in Pine Class! The children have been working very hard writing their own non-fiction books about the Great Fire of London to share with their parents at our exhibition this Friday. In Maths, we have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes and sorting them according to their properties. In Art, we have been studying Tudor houses. This week, we drew a row of Tudor houses. We then created an orange background using paint and collage and stuck the houses in front to make them look like they were on fire! Great work Pine Class! 



In Pine Class this week, we have been learning about fractions. We have been finding fractions of shapes and fractions of numbers by sharing cubes. We have continued our learning about the Great Fire of London and we have used a range of sources to find out more information. We worked in groups to create a map to show how London should be rebuilt after the fire. On Thursday, we had a visit from a firefighter. She taught us a rhyme about keeping ourselves safe from fire and showed us some of her equipment. Great work Pine Class! 





In Pine Class this week, we have continued our learning about the Great Fire of London. We wrote letters to King Charles to ask him to help stop the fire. We made model houses and recreated the way the fire moved along the streets of London to help us understand why it spread so quickly. In Maths, we have been using arrays to multiply and divide and some of us have even began to apply this knowledge to problem solving. Well done Pine Class. It has been a great wee                 


This week we have been learning about The Great Fire of London and we used different sources of information to find out about the fire. We have learnt that the fire spread so quickly because the houses were made of wood, the streets were narrow and there wasn't must firefighting equipment at the time! In English, we wrote warning posters to warn people about the approaching fire. Well done Pine Class, it's been a really fun week! 



wow! what a week we have had in Pine Class! On Tuesday we had the most amazing day in London. We met at Micheldever Station and took the train to Waterloo. We went on the Thames River Cruise and saw lots of the landmarks we have been learning about. In the afternoon, we went on the London eye and had the most fantastic time! It was so magical to see the awe and wonder on the children's faces and I couldn't be prouder of the way they managed the whole trip. A huge well done Pine Class! 






We have had a wonderful week in Pine Class. The children have been writing stories based on the book Katie in London and I have been blown away by the quality of their writing! We thoroughly enjoyed our music lesson this week in which we learnt about rhythm and pitch. In art, we have continued to study Vincent Van Gogh and this week we recreated one of his famous sunflower paintings using wax crayons and paint. It has been a very busy half term and Pine Class have worked incredibly hard. Well done and have a brilliant break! 





This week in Pine Class, we have continued our learning based around the book Katie in London. The year 1 children wrote a postcard from the perspective of Katie and the year 2 children wrote a diary entry. Each day we have been taking part in problem solving challenges to improve our number fluency and we have really enjoyed having a go at the independently as morning tasks. On Wednesday, we visited the church yard to look for evergreen trees and deciduous trees as part of our Science learning. We had a great time !




It's been another busy week in Pine Class! This week, we have started our new English unit based around the book Katie in London. We have been learning about and celebrating Chinese New Year and we even tasted some Chinese food. This week, we also learned that we will be going on a school trip to London and going on the London Eye and Thames River Cruise. We are very excited! Another great week. Well done Pine Class. 



I have arrived back in Pine Class this week after completing my jury service and have been incredibly proud of how well the children have managed the change and the fantastic work they have produced whilst I have been away. This week in English, we have written our own stories about a lost object and its journey around the school. In Maths, we have been increasing our knowledge of strategies to add. Through our Science work, we have been learning about garden plants and designing some beautiful gardens of our own.




Pine have shown great determination and resilience in their learning this week, demonstrating the schools learning values perfectly. In our English unit on the Queen's Hat the children are confidently using prepositions and have written their own brilliant stories based on the text. In maths we have been using money in different combinations to create the same totals. We have had a wonderful walk looking for wild plants and hope you can have a look around your gardens and in hedgerows this weekend, as you take a walk together to see what you can find.



- In Pine Class this week, we have been learning to tell the time at o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to. We have thoroughly enjoyed playing time bingo! We have also been learning about different units of measure. In English, we have been writing persuasive adverts to persuade people to visit London by telling them all about what a great city it is. In Science this week, we planted bean in the classroom. We will continue to water them and record how much they grow throughout this half term. A fantastic week - well done Pine Class! I will miss you all very much over the next two weeks but can't wait to hear about all the brilliant learning you have done when I return.







I have been amazed by how brilliantly Pine Class have settled back into school this week. I have been blown away by the high standard of their writing this week and look forward to our English units this half term. We have started our new project this week, learning all about London. We have had so much fun learning about famous London landmarks and we enjoyed using our DT skills to build 3D models of some of them. A great few days back!



What a fantastic term we have had in Pine Class! This week we have had lots of fun learning about the true meaning of Christmas. We made advents wreaths and discussed the meanings of the candles. In English, we finished our Christmas poetry and in Maths, we made pictograms to show the most and least favourite Christmas foods in our class! All the children in Pine Class have worked incredibly hard this term and I really couldn't be prouder of them. Have a brilliant, restful break Pine Class and I look forward to seeing you all in the new year! 



In Pine Class this week, we have been extremely preparing and performing our nativity. Getting onto a stage in front of an audience is no mean feat and we are very proud of how all the children spoke, sang and performed so confidently. In English this week, we have started our new unit of work based on the poem 'What is pink?' in which we will be writing our own Christmas poems. The children have been coming up with some brilliant adjectives to describe the Christmas scene and I can't wait to see their finished poems! 



This week, we came to school very excited on Monday because it had snowed! We had a great time playing outside in the snow and we even attempted to build a class snowman. On Wednesday this week, we came into school to find an elf in our classroom! His name is Eric and he has some to see all the brilliant work we do in Pine Class. We have been very busy continuing to practise our nativity and this week we had our first full run through. It was fantastic! 






We have had another very busy week in Pine Class! We have continued our learning around the book ‘Dear Greenpeace’ and on Thursday, we did some fantastic writing about it! We have continued our learning about saving our planet and in particular, the problems caused by plastic. The children were very sad to learn that so much plastic ends up in our oceans and were keen to help save the sea creatures who are harmed by it! Another great week Pine Class!




In Pine Class this week, we wrote out information pages all about Micheldever. The children have worked so incredibly hard and are very proud of the work they produced. In Maths, we have been working on 2D shape and I have been blown away by the children's reasoning skills! We have been busy learning all the songs for out nativity and have started learning our lines too. What a fantastic week Pine Class!





In Pine Class we have had another very busy week! We have been writing our information pages about Micheldever and learning about fractions in Maths. This week, we created poppies using recycled bottles. We covered them with tissue paper and added leaves and a stem. Well done Pine Class!




In Pine Class this week, we have been learning about different materials and how some materials are better for the environment that others. We discussed the importance of recycling and how this helps to save the planet. In English, we have been mind mapping everything we know about our local area. We acted as tour guides and took each other on a 'tour' around Micheldever in the classroom. Another great week Pine Class!



In pine Class this week, we have been writing information pages about The Bahamas. The children have produced some fantastic work! We have also been learning to count in 2s and 10s and apply this to our 2 and 10 times tables. Pine Class have worked incredibly hard this half turn and I am very proud of every one of them. Well done Pine Class!




The children in Pine Class have worked incredibly hard this week! We have continued our work about Christopher Columbus and we have been learning about The Bahamas where he landed with his crew. In Science, we have been learning about how germs spread and how we can keep ourselves safe from germs! Well done Pine Class,




In Pine Class this week, we have enjoyed taking part in Sponsored Reading Week, particularly reading our poems to the Class on Monday and reading in our worship families on Wednesday. In Science this week, we have been learning about what happens to our bodies when we exercise. We went onto the playground and did lots of running and jumping which made us feel very tired and thirsty!




In Pine Class this week, we have been working hard to improve our spelling by taking part in lots of sensory spelling activities. We wrote our spellings in shaving foam, on large paper with coloured pens, we made them using magnetic letters and we even cut out the letters to make each word and stick them on a long strip of paper. It was a very fun way to learn them! Another great week - well done Pine Class! 




We have had an exciting week in Pine class this week. We started the week off by making sea biscuits. They were very salty and we didn't like the taste! We thought about how awful it must have been not to have any fresh food onboard the ship. We then wrote instructions for making sea biscuits. We have had a wonderful week and have produced some fantastic writing!





In Pine Class we have had a fantastic week! In Maths, we have been learning about the place value of 2-digit numbers. In Guided Reading, we have been reading The Lion Inside and we have really enjoyed joining in with the story. In one lesson, we made story maps to show the sequence of events. We have continued to learn about Christopher Columbus and look forward to learning more about him next week!




This week, Pine Class found a poster asking for explorers to join the crew of the Sant Maria. We thought about good qualities we have and wrote letters to Christopher Columbus to explain why we would make excellent explorers! Well done Pine class for such a wonderful start to the year—you have all settled so well and have such a wonderful attitude towards your learning. Keep it up.




Another big well done to Pine! This has not been an easy week, switching back to online learning, but once again the children have done so with resilience and focus. We are all very proud of you Pine! It was wonderful welcoming parents to our exhibition this week and having the chance to show off all the brilliant work Pine have done this term. What a lovely way to end the term! At home, the children have been writing exciting meerkat stories and finding shapes in nature. Pine have really shown their best this week! Have a wonderful summer break, it is definitely well deserved!



We’ve had a lovely week in Pine this week. The class had a wonderful time visiting The Watercress Line, riding the steam train to Alton and back! We learnt about the history of the line and how it changed life in Ropley, as well as exploring the locomotive yard for different materials. Pine also had fun competing in Sports Day, despite the weather! The class have also been learning about the Tokyo Olympics this week and have worked hard to study and design the Olympic rin  




This week in Pine the children have been writing a story based on the ‘Book of Butterflies,’ they have worked hard to use descriptive language and create innovations based on this. We have been learning about the rainforest and desert habitats and have found out some amazing facts about the organisms that live in both places! The children have also started to learn about the Tokyo Olympics and have created their own dances based on the London 2012 opening ceremony.





What an exciting week Pine have had! We had a lovely time visiting Marwell zoo and seeing all the wonderful animals that live there and have spent the rest of the week writing a recount of our time there. In Maths, Pine have continued to explore shape. We have drawn lots of 2D shapes and have used rulers to make sure our drawings are accurate. Pine have also made microphones and have practised interviewing each other in preparation for the Ellis Journey Celebrations on Saturday where some of us will be interviewing the key figures there. 



In Maths, Pine have begun to look at describing the properties of 3D shapes. The class investigated towers made of various combinations of 3D shape to find out which was the most secure. Pine have now completed writing their Newspaper report on the Ellis Journey. The children put lots of thought and hard work into this writing and should be very proud of themselves! Next Saturday is the celebration commemorating the Ellis journey where the children will have the chance to interview some key figures and see a range of vintage cars so it would be wonderful to see you all there!  






Pine have continued to hone their reporting this week as we have planned out our newspaper report all about the Ellis journey and are very excited about our writing competition! In maths, Pine have been using a variety of resources to help them solve problems and have begun to solve more complex calculations. We have been looking at food chains in Science and found lots of evidence of different food chains in our outdoor learning zone. Well done for working so hard this week Pine!



This week we’ve been News Reporters in Pine class! We’ve explored lots of different news articles and have found out about what makes an exciting headline and an interesting news story. The class have interviewed the key suspect in the story of Little Red Riding Hood and discovered a different side to the well known story. Pine have also delved back into the archives of music from the post-war period. We’ve explored the different devices our Grandparents listened to music on and have spent time learning some of their favourite songs. 




This week in Pine we have transformed into costume designers! After receiving a call from Mr Incredible asking for our help, the children have design and made brand new masks for him to wear! The children have given lots of thought into what features and functions he will need in a mask to protect him and aid him in fighting crime! The children have also started to look at how we edit and improve our writing and have done a great job up levelling their sentences.




This week in Pine, we’ve been learning how to write great sentences using the conjunctions ‘and’ and ‘but’. The children have thought of a variety of ways to use these and have worked hard to up-level their sentences with adjectives. In Maths, Pine have been thinking about number bonds and have been investigating all the different ways of making 10 and 100. Pine have also started an exciting new project in DT, we’ve been asked by Mr Incredible to help make a new superhero mask for him!




This week in Pine, the class have been thinking about how they can put kindness into action to share God’s love with those around them. The children have been creating handprints to show how they can use their hands to be kind to others. In Geography, we had a very exciting walk around the school to spot the physical and human features of Micheldever. The class have also begun thinking about our text ‘The Storm Whale,’ and have used their skills of prediction and inference to discuss some key points in the story. 


Pine have been tackling fractions this week and have been thinking about how they are shared into equal parts. The class have also begun writing their under the sea stories and have been super resourceful, using tools around the classroom to help them with their writing. Pine have also been back on the computers this week, learning how to login using their username and password. The children used their resilience during this lesson as we found it quite tricky!


This week in Pine Class we have been generating super expanded noun phrases for our descriptive setting description of under the sea. The children have been using centimetres and metres to measure length in Maths and have solve tricky problems using this unit of measure. One Wednesday, we had a very special virtual guest talk to us about what it is like to be a TV Producer and the class thought up great interview questions to ask him. 


Summer Term Curriculum Letter

Spring curriculum letter


Pine class exhibition - Autumn Term 2020

Have a watch of our exhibition video below to see all the learning we have been doing this term.

First Week Back

Pine Class have had a wonderful first week back to school! The children have had a fantastic time getting to know each other and beginning our topic 'Into the Woods'! The class have had opportunities to study trees and natural objects in our outdoor learning area, using them to create numbers in Maths and as inspiration for our Artwork. 

On Friday, the class investigated a variety of beans, comparing size, colour, texture and smell to decide which bean to feed our hungry teddy 'Freddy' for lunch! 

Well done Pine Class on a really successful week back!

Letter from Class Teacher

Autumn Term Curriculum

A very warm Micheldever welcome to Miss Canning.

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Home Learning Pack 7 (week beginning 29th June)

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