Yellow Family Wild Flowers

During partial re-opening, our Yellow Family did some fantastic learning about bees. As a group, they decided that the school grounds needed more flowers to provide more food for the bees that visit the site. They set to making 'seed bombs' and had fun planting them, watering and watching them grow. Over the summer holidays, Mrs Webber popped in to see how they were getting on and look! It is so fantastic to see the bees enjoying your wildflowers, Yellow Family! 



Home Learning Packs & Home Learning Resources

Please use the following links to access Home Learning Pack 9 (and Home Learning Pack 10 for Year 3 & Year 4):


                               Oak Class              Pine Class             Birch Class           Willow Class


Head over to Creative Corner for inspiration for your pop-up business ideas.

Additional English and maths resources can be found here.


Resources to support families if your child is feeling anxious or demotivated (click on the image).

The Hampshire School Nursing Team have also produced a Family Wellbeing Pack, which can be downloaded here


Stars of the Week


What has your child done this week that they are really proud of? This could be linked to the Home Learning Projects or something else they have explored at home and are equally proud of. Send in a photo of your child with their proud piece of learning or activity and it will be displayed on the class pages (links below).

Please ensure that all photos are emailed to by 3pm each Wednesday.

Oak Class Pine Class  Birch Class Willow Class


   Welcome to The Dever Valley Federation Story Time!         For the next few weeks, Mrs Brewster will be sharing some thoughts, pictures and poetry each day, and the teachers will be sharing stories for their class to listen to and enjoy. Follow the links and pop by each day at 3pm to watch.


Mrs Brewster          Oak Class          Pine Class

Birch Class              Willow Class


Easter Booklet

Please click here to download our Easter booklet of family activities.  Wishing you all a very happy Easter.


#ReadAtHome - Reading Challenge 2020

Hampshire School Library Service (SLS) would like to encourage all pupils to take in part in a reading challenge during this stay at home period.  They are asking pupils to read 6 books (although you can read more if you wish) and submit a short review for each title.  Once complete, you can then download a certificate, which will be made available shortly.  Click here to submit your reviews.

Home Learning Packs

Please use the following links to access the Home Learning Pack 2 for your child.

Willow Class:

Birch Class:

Pine Class:

Oak Class:

Home Learning Resources

Further Home Learning resources and apps can be found here.

In addition to the Home Learning Packs, there a number of websites that parents may wish to explore to further support their children’s home learning (click on each title). As with all information available on the internet, please do visit any website first to ensure you are happy with its content and to check the suitability for your child’s age and year group.

Oxford Owl:  Reading, English and Maths resources organised by year group, with over 100 free eBooks developed for children aged 3-11.

Love My Books: a free website providing resources, activity ideas and book suggestions for children up to age 9. Pages of great ideas for parents and children sharing books together.

Audible: For as long as schools are closed, Audible is offering educational and entertaining audiobook content for children, teens, and families. They will be available to listen to on a laptop, desktop, smartphone or tablet.

#DrawWithRob  Each Tuesday and Thursday at 10am, children’s author and illustrator Rob Biddulph is posting a video of him drawing a character for children to copy. These are stored on his website for you to watch.

Stay At Home Story Time: Each weekday at 6pm, children’s author Oliver Jeffers is  reading one of his books and talking about some of the things that went into making it. If you wish to watch the live video, this can be found on Oliver Jeffers’ Instagram page; alternatively, the video can also be viewed a few hours later on Oliver’s website

The Body Coach PE sessions: Every weekday morning at 9am, Joe ‘The Body Coach’ Wicks will be running live PE sessions for children and their families on his Youtube channel – a great way to start the day!

#TheGreatIndoors Renowned for their love of the great outdoors, the Scouting Association have now launched The Great Indoors! Their website is packed with over 100 fun and engaging activities that can be completed in the home or garden.

Chance to Shine: Howzat!  Here is the second weekly cricket activity called Brilliant Bowler, which encourages children to explore different throwing techniques and needs very little equipment. There is a supporting video, an individual child activity, as well as a parent and child activity. Last week’s cricket activity was called Cool Catcher and all the details can be found here. Remember the exciting Super Over from the 2019 Cricket World Cup final? Now is your chance to be the commentator for this historic event. Check out the ideas here.

 Origami Paper: Download the origami paper for the Easter Booklet activity here.